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Audio/Video Installation Hardware

Here you'll find a small selection of audio/video/electrical installation hardware.

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Item Number  Description  Manufacturer Qty Price Each
*E-5043665 Cover, Electric Switch, 4 Square - 3 $1.00
*H-34561390 Floor Box, Electrical/Microphone, Black Pic Irving Access  112  $35.00
*H-34561389 Floor Box, Electrical/Microphone, Grey Pic Irving Access 1977  $35.00
*M-10002635 Mount, Ceiling, 20" TV - 1  $95.00
*M-10003 Mount, Ceiling Mount Bar Sharp 1  $25.00
*M- -10000 Mount, TV Wall (13") - 3  $45.00
*M-10002775  Mount, TV Wall (21" Arm) Pic - 5 $25.00
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*E-50300331 Power Control, PC-1 AMX 1  $25.00
*E-106345821  Power Director Plus, Surge Suppressor/5 Switch Outs Proxima 1 $8.00
*E-50300067 Volume Control, AMX VS1 AMX 2  $25.00

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