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Test & Shop Equipment

Here is a list of test and shop equipment that we've picked up from auction or bankruptcy sale. We simply don't need these extra items in our shop.

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Item Number  Description  Manufacturer Qty Price Each
*M-50000 Compressor, Air Cablewave 1 $20.00
*T-37010 Monitor, Waveform, 1730 Pic Tektronix 1 $895.00
*T-37000  Monitor, Waveform 1480C  Tektronix  1


*T-36525 Signal Generator, NTSC Test, WR-515B Viz 1 $150.00
*T-365243400  Signal Generator, NTSC Test, LCG-400 Leader 1 $300.00
*E-50064285 Solder Extractor, Endeco Endeco 1 $20.00
*E-50064390 Solder Station, Pace, MBT-200 Pic Pace 1 $250.00
*E-50064320 Solder Station, Select-O-Temp, MF20 Hexacon 1 $40.00
*E-50064410 Solder Station, Weller EC-2002B Weller 1 $120.00

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