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Sony Synchro Remote Control
Model: RM-65

Item *A-20739601 Qty 2, $10 each

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When the RM-65 is used to connect certain turntables with certain cassette decks, it is possible to start the taping of a record simply by pressing the start/stop button on the turntable. When the tonearm lowers to the record the tape deck will automatically assume the record mode and, when the tonearm lifts up, the deck will go into the auto record muting mode for four seconds, then into the pause mode.

The units to which the RM-65 can be connected:

  • Cassette decks: Sony TC-FX4, -FX5, -FX6, -K61, -K61 Limited, -K55, -K65, -K71, -K75, -K77R, -K80, -K88 all of which are equipped with a 4-pin remote control jack.
  • Turntables: Sony PS-X600, -LX3, -LX5 all of which are equipped with a synchro remote control jack.

Comes with rack mounting bracket attachment. Brand new in original box with instructions.

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