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Telex LCD Projector
Model: Firefly P350

Item *D-1464978  Qty 1, $650 each

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The Firefly P350 is a full-color compact LCD projection system that is used to display a computerized multi-media presentation. The built-in amplifier/speakers lets you connect to a wireless microphone, portable CD player, or to the auxiliary output of a stereo system. The P350 also allows you to connect to the output of a VCR, DVD or LaserDisc player. The aspect ratio is 4:3; the brightness is 300 ANSI lumens.

The Firefly P350 can be connected to any IBM or IBM compatible computer equipped with VGA/SVGA video output. The P350 can also be connected to any Apple Macintosh computer that is equipped with a standard Macintosh video output (832x624 and 800x600). This projector is capable of displaying up to 16,194,277 colors. The key panel and on-screen controls allow you to change the video source, color, tint, focus, position, etc. of the projected color image; and change the volume and tone of the sound.

This projector requires a 270 watt metal halide lamp. The lamp already installed has 237 hours on it out of an estimated lamp life of 2000 hours.

Weight: 9 lbs; Dimensions: 3"h x 15"l x 11"w

Price includes projector, remote control, VGA/SVGA cable, power cord and manual. Carrying case, Macintosh adapters, and audio & video cables are not included. Used lightly. Excellent cosmetic and working condition.

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