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Barco Data/Video LCD Projector
Model: 2100-LC

Item *D-1464866 ANSI Lumens: 750
Lamp Life: 1000 hrs. 
 Qty 1, $499 each
Item *D-1464868 ANSI Lumens: 1000
Lamp Life: 4000 hrs. 

 Qty 2, $699 each

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The BarcoData 2100-LC will project video as well as all desktop and laptop computers with a resolution up to 1024x768 pixels (XGA). The active matrix color LCD panel is SVGA resolution (800x600). Uses a 575w metal-halide lamp. Will fill screens from 3.2' x 2.4' up to 20' x 15'. The projector has 5 inputs:

  • Port 1 - video on BNC
  • Port 2 - video on RCA
  • Port 3 - S-Video on 4-pin mini-DIN connector
  • Port 4 & 5 - RGB analog input on 5 BNC connectors, sync on green or separate sync, sync can be 2-level or 3-level
  • 3 stereo audio inputs on RCA connectors
  • RS232 input (D9 connector) loop-through for projector control through a PC or other control unit
  • Communication input (D9 connector) for peripherals
  • Mini-jack (3.5mm) for wired remote control

The BarcoData 2100 is compatible with all video sources (PAL, SECAM, NTSC) in composite, S-VHS or RGB format. All computer graphics formats from CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA, or XGA graphics card and most Macintosh computers.

Weight: 49 lbs; Shipping weight 86 lbs. Dimensions: 13.19"h x 25.28"l x 23.74"w

Prices include projector, remote control, 12' data cable with 15-pin computer connection to 5 connector BNC for hook-up to projector and power cord. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. Low lamp hours. Nice!!

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