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Canon Visual Presenter

Model: RE-650 MKII N

 Item *V-30946815  Qty 1, $650.00 each

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This presenter is ideal for demanding imaging applications. The RE-650 and a TV-monitor or video projector are all that's needed for presentation of documents or 3-D objects. Add a VCR to record images or integrate the RE-650 directly into your video productions. For computer imaging applications, connect the RE-650 to a compatible video digitizer. The result is a 640 x 480, 24-bit image file.

The visual presenter is quickly becoming commonplace and is a natural addition to a video teleconferencing system. Delivers 450 TV lines of resolution for sharp, clear images. Whether your source is a document, color photograph, slide, negative, or 3-D object, it offers superior image quality. It's close-up capability (12:1 power zoom lens) gives your presentations impact; even in the large-screen format of a projection TV system.

Controls on the front panel include exposure, auto/manual focus, zoom, and negative/white balance. Mini plug for microphone input. On the back are RCA video in/out connections, RCA audio in/out and S-video out. The spacious object table can hold originals up to a generous 13" x 10." The camera head and arm adjust to view extra-large objects from the rear. Includes lights and power cord, no manual. Original selling price on this unit was $2600.00!

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