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Panasonic Portable Mixer
Model: WR-500

Item *A- 50040 Qty 2, $225 each

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This is an 8 in/2 out audio mixer; model number WR-500. It has the following features:

  • Inputs 1 and 2 may receive inputs at any of 6 levels ie., -70, -60, -50, -40, -20 dB (XLR 3-pin female audio connector and PH (-56 dB, RCA pin jack)
  • Inputs 3 to 8 may receive inputs at any of 6 levels ie., -70, -60, -50, -40, -20, +4 dB (XLR 3-pin female audio connector). In addition to XLR 3-pin connector, inputs 7 and 8 are equipped with the phone plugs connected in parallel with XLR 3-pin connector.
  • Inputs 1 to 8 have the panpot function and the signal can be sent to channel A or B, mid-point between them, or any other desired point.
  • Inputs 1 to 8 have the peak indicator, it illuminates when the input signal level reaches 3 dB from the clipping level.
  • An equalizer is provided for each input to correct total difference among the input devices. Tone can be continuously adjusted up to +/- 12 dB on the treble (10 kHz) and bass (100 Hz) bands.
  • Two auxiliary inputs (AUX A and AUX B-unbalanced) with the input level controls and an input from the echo machine or the reverberation machine (From echo) are provided in addition to 8 input circuits.
  • The rated output is +4 dB, and the maximum output is +20 dB.
  • Stereo recording can be made thorugh REC OUT jacks.
  • Master program buses and premix bus can be monitored thorugh stereo headphones.
  • AC power source, internal battery 12V DC, and external DC power supply can be used.

This mixer is portable and built into a self-contained carrying case. The case is missing the carry handle. The mixer is in good working condition with some signs of light use. The internal battery (LCS-2012V) and charger (NV-B-58) are not included. Copy of the operating instructions is included.

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