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Sima CamLight 3 Video Light
Model: CamLight 3

Item *L-19000

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The CamLight 3 combines the lighting power of a 20W dichroic mirror halogen lamp with a powerful 6V 1500 mah integrated nickel cadmium battery. The resultant one-piece unit provides the ultimate in lightweight, portable video lighting. CamLight 3 can be mounted on the accessory shoe of any camcorder by sliding it into place and tightening the mounting screw. The CamLight 3 can be tilted up or down, in order to provide the desired lighting effect. "Bouncing" the light will eliminate harsh shadows.



  • Lamp: 6V/20W frosted halogen lamp with dichroic mirror reflector
  • Power Pack: Rechargeable snap-in 6V 1500 mah nickel cadmium cluster
  • Illumination Time: Approximately 27 minutes with full charge
  • Color Temperature: 3200 K
  • Beam Angle: Horizontal 55 degrees, Vertical 48 degrees
  • Charger: 6V, 300 ma
  • Weight: 14.9 oz.

The battery pack is a model SB-66. The CamLight 3 power pack is compatible with Sony NP-22 and NP-77 camcorder batteries. It can be charged using the same Sony charger and can also be used as a replacement for the NP-22 or NP-77 when powering a Sony camcorder. A charging adapter, model SL-CB, will allow charging of the battery power pack; the charging adapter was sold separately as an accessory and is not included.

This light is an older light which is still new in the box. The light and battery charger are in excellent brand new condition. The battery has never been charged. Because of its age we do not know if it will still hold a charge.

Qty 1, $40 each

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