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19" Fiberglass Rack Case - Item *C-5000863

This 19" fiberglass rack case has front mount rails in the front and back of the case. About halfway down is a shelf and pull-out tray for keyboard. Rack space above the shelf measures 14.75"h and 24" below the shelf. From top to bottom there is 47" of vertical mounting space; the rear rails are continuous without the break for the shelf and tray. The rack space is 20" deep from front rail to rear rail.

Front and back doors are completely removeable. The case has a total of 24 catches to hold front and rear doors in place. There are four on top, four on bottom and 8 on each side. Of the 24 total, 9 are missing or in need of repair. The good catches are spaced so that both front and back doors are held securely in place.

The fiberglass portion of the case is in good shape except for the damage caused by missing feet. See bottom right pic.

Qty 1, $120 each

The pic above shows the bottom of the case. All feet are missing except for the one shown at the top left.

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