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Medical Cabinet Item *R-10109973

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  Qty 2, $125 each 

Outside Dimensions: 61"h x 26"d x 25"w
Inside Dimensions: Appx. 39"h x 21"d x 20"w
RU: not applicable
Wheels:  yes
Sides:  yes
Front Door:  yes, plexiglass, 39"h x 21.75"w
Back Door:  yes, two vented doors on back
Top:  yes
Rail Sets: non standard
Condition: This cabinet was originally made to hold endoscopy equipment for the medical field. It is equipped with funky gadgets to hold various types of equipment. Inside this cabinet are three or four adjustable shelves and a drawer located just below the dark plexiglass door.
Weight: 240 lbs. not including skid



The cabinet measures 61"h from the floor to the top of the platform.

The drawer on the bottom is 3"h. When the plexi door is closed this drawer is still accessible from the front.

The cabinet has a total of 39" of vertical storage space from top of door to bottom of door.


All the shelves roll out. Cabinets have either three or four shelves. The shelves come off the sliders and the sliders are adjustable.

Each shelf measures 20 1/8"w by 21"d.



Shelves/sliders are adjustable. There is 30.5" from the top adjustment hole to the bottom adjustment hole.

Although the shelves are 21"d the inside of the cabinet is 25" deep.


Here's a close-up of a shelf slider.


Both sides have one large vent near the top.

The shelf on the side measures 15" x 15" and has a 25 lb. weight limit. This shelf can be dropped to the side of the cabinet when not in use. The ends of the green velcro straps are bolted to the shelf.

Beside this shelf is a hole for wires.

The small black platform mounted near the bottom corner once held two round cylinders that were then held in place with the velcro straps located just above the platform.

The lower back door has two silver hooks positioned for cord or hose storage.


Both back doors are vented.

Both back doors and the front door have locks but may or may not have keys.

There is a handle between the two back doors for pulling or pushing the cabinet.

The lower door has a round hole at the bottom right corner for wires to exit.


The platform on top measures 18.25" x 22.25". The swivel arm and platform can be removed but there would be a short post sticking out the top of the cabinet. The platform and swivel arm are very sturdy. The platform has a lock; no key.

You cannot see it here but there is a round hole on the top of the cabinet for wires to exit.


The platform on top sits on this swivel arm.

This is the base of the cabinet. The wide base extends 3" from the cabinet on all four sides. This wide base provides stability for heavy equipment stored inside and on top. The base is welded into place and cannot be removed from the cabinet. There are rubber bumpers on all four corners.

Cabinets have some light rust along the bottom edges of the wide base. Large heavy duty wheels are lockable.

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