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19" Rack Cabinet Item *R-1010043869

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  Qty 1, $150 each 

Outside Dimensions: 72"h x 28"d x 22"w
Inside Dimensions: 61.25"h x 25.25"d x 19"w
RU: 35
Wheels:  no
Sides:  yes
Front Door:  no
Back Door:  no
Top:  yes
Rail Sets: 2 sets, one set in back of cabinet and one set in the rear. Rails are front and side mount and can be adjusted to the depth you need.
Condition: Cabinet sits on a removeable shock mount flex spring base made by Aeroflex. These cabinets are used but in very good condition with a few light scratches on the outside. Great condition for a used cabinet! These cabinets are built tough
Weight: Approx. 240 lbs. not including skid


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