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TOA 6-Channel Mixer Power Amplifier
Model: A-906

Item *A-60030

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The 900 series mixer power amplifiers control and mix up to six independent input signals. Output rated 60 watts. Output terminals to match 4 or 8 ohm speaker systems and 25V or 70V speaker distribution systems. There is space in the back for optional accessory modules. This amplifier will accept the following modules: B-01, B-11, E-01, E-11, H-01, H-02, H-03, I-01, L-01, S-01, S-02, S-03, T-01, X-01 and X-11. Buyer will receive the H-01 module installed in Input 1. We may be able to switch that module for another per buyer's needs - if available. These older TOA amps are real workhorses - one of the best amps made. This amp has been tested and is in good working order.

Qty 1, $200 each

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